Msmilkytheclown Moving To Msmilkytheclown1 For Fukushima Updates On Youtube

Msmilkytheclown Moving To Msmilkytheclown1 For Fukushima Updates On Youtube Download

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Briefly about this video

link to my new channel
Starting new over there. Leaving all my previous videos up on this channel - hopefully it won't get any more copyright strikes here and they will stay up forever to show the nuclear meltdown in Fukushima and how the media F*d it up and refused to cover the biggest world wide disaster EVER.
I'm not sure yet where to find mail on that account, so if I don't reply right away, give me some time to see where I put the mail settings to :) Computers are not my "thing", if you catch my drift.

BY THE WAY, in case you missed the link to the guy who has done back up videos for me for over a year (who also allows remix button on the stuff he copies of mine - and thank GOD he did) is Redbuttonstudio on Youtube. Link here!
he has it all archived by date!

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  • - Milky the clown channel they've got well
  • - I've got two strikes on my account so
  • - I'm switching over to miss milk it the
  • - Clown one same spelling and everything
  • - Just add a number one after it if you
  • - Would please subscribe over there if you
  • - Want to keep up on the Fukushima updates
  • - Haven't put any videos up there yet just
  • - Got it all set up pretty much the same
  • - As before except they changed my I can
  • - Anyway hope you can make it over there
  • - I'll try and put a link thanks

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