How To Lose 8 Pounds In One Week Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose 8 Pounds In One Week Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Lose Weight Fast Download

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okay so hey my loves first things first i know i mentioned me being in texas alot, But I realized I never elaborated on the significance of it. I went for 10 days and literally ate over 3000+ calories everyday so I gained around 6 lbs but it ALL went to my stomach. So I knew the apple cider vinegar would do the trick. Hope you guys enjoy any other questions I will answer in the comments below. Love you guys so much! Also please drink with a straw to protect the enamel on your teeth
Also while I have your attention check out
My 2018 morning routine it’s one of my favorites
Thanks 💕
Ok guys I’m getting allot of questions on how often I drink
I have been answering back once a day first thing in the morning
But I made two videos on my weight loss journey so this is what I did cause I need to be clear I have been answering some of you guys from the second week video
First week with every meal
Second week once a day morning or night
Let’s get this weight loss journey going 💕
Very Important I exercised at least 4 days out of the week. I ate clean. That means no sweets what so ever. No junk food. No eating late at night. Watch your food proportions and drink plenty of water and don’t cheat for the whole week I know you can do this just stay focused and remember no one is the same so everybody will lose weight differently
I hope this video will simply inspire and just give you a jump start to a healthier you 💕The proper way is to measure two tablespoons of acv I made a video on different acv videos that may be a great help



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  • - I know sorry but I can shake it shake it
  • - Like I'm supposed to cuz I got that boom
  • - Boom that all the boys shakes all the
  • - Right junk in all the right places
  • - [Music]
  • - Okay so hey guys I can't tell you guys
  • - Like my results about showing you guys
  • - How to make the drink so I'm gonna go
  • - Ahead and show you guys how to make the
  • - Drink you only need a couple of
  • - Ingredients I added some extras in just
  • - Because I'm extra and I like to doctor
  • - Myself up a little bit but you guys
  • - Definitely don't have to do that you
  • - Could just keep it simple so I don't
  • - Show you guys a simple one first and
  • - Then I'll show you guys the one I do
  • - Every morning just to make it more you
  • - Know extra but I use bottled water and I
  • - Do about like have no it's not even half
  • - Like 1/4 of the water bottle and then
  • - This is the brass cops on Baker I'm
  • - Almost out but I have another one in the
  • - Cabinet so I can go right to drinking
  • - That this week but you just I don't have
  • - An exact measurement I just put some in
  • - There until it turns like a light brown
  • - Coat like that so it's like really
  • - Vinegary but the results on this are so
  • - Amazing which you guys will see later
  • - This week and then you take your half of
  • - A lime or a lemon and hey but we still
  • - Got the lemon juice out so that's all
  • - That matters
  • - And then so that's all you do if you
  • - Were just been drinking regularly but
  • - I'm extra so I added a few extra
  • - Ingredients ginger is really good for
  • - Boosting the metabolism so I add a
  • - Little bit of ginger in there you could
  • - Add real ginger but I thought the ginger
  • - Cos I don't know if it does anything but
  • - I feel like it does and then cayenne
  • - Pepper is really good at boosting the
  • - Metabolism as well and burning fats so
  • - We add a little bit of cayenne pepper in
  • - There
  • - And then you just what I do is mix it
  • - Around and I put it in the microwave
  • - Because I find it's easier to drink when
  • - It's hot or you could just drink it cold
  • - With some ice I don't really care which
  • - Way you do it just as long as you get
  • - The drink down and that's how you make
  • - It alright so I'm gonna show you guys me
  • - Drinking it so you guys don't think I'm
  • - Lying about drinking this so let's go
  • - Ahead it's so not it's not a pleasant
  • - Thing
  • - Something
  • - [Music]
  • - I'm gonna look a lot worse in scene than
  • - What actually is like it does taste bad
  • - But the reason I'm like doing like that
  • - Because it's sour not because it
  • - Necessarily taste bad so just letting
  • - You guys know that it man okay guys so
  • - This is what I look like I literally
  • - Went to Texas in the video my phone
  • - Before this I was probably like 10
  • - Pounds lighter but anyway salsa massage
  • - With point cuz not you guys are gonna
  • - Really see the effects
  • - I'm sorry Feniger but yeah this is just
  • - What I looked like okay so I thought you
  • - Guys didn't really get a good overview
  • - Of my actual body these are two actually
  • - Taken in Texas this is how I actually
  • - Looked a week before the results that
  • - You're about to see
  • - So hey my wonderful cute babies I'm so
  • - Happy I just woke up and I'm really
  • - Energized I've been drinking this
  • - Outside mini apple cider vinegar drink
  • - For seven freaking days and I'm gonna
  • - I'm gonna show you guys like my results
  • - With
  • - [Music]
  • - I don't forgot a CV so I'm gonna come
  • - Down a little bit because last the video
  • - I've done before this you guys could not
  • - See me at all but I scanned us figured
  • - Out a lot I did change cleansers but I'm
  • - Not badly made do with it um yeah
  • - Alcazar vinegar has me feeling so much
  • - More energized it has my body just
  • - Feeling so much better i feel when i
  • - Make it you I just feel so much better I
  • - Feel like like my energy has been
  • - Restored to me I feel like I don't know
  • - I'm just really happy at the results
  • - Guys like seven days eight pounds down
  • - If you guys really want to try this like
  • - Just sing it your results to my email I
  • - Would love to see them if you guys want
  • - To see the week to come to this for
  • - Another week
  • - Apple cider vinegar for two weeks
  • - Straight if you guys wanna see that
  • - Video next week comment down below give
  • - This video a thumbs up so I really know
  • - That you guys want to see that video and
  • - Then right after that but we got it out
  • - I'm gonna give that up inside a vinegar
  • - A drink for a little while I mean wow
  • - I'm gonna get that hot cider vinegar a
  • - Break for a little while and I'm gonna
  • - Go into another challenge which is what
  • - A gallon of water everyday does to you
  • - And we're gonna see what that does and
  • - See if there was also better on the
  • - Gallon of water versus um apple cider
  • - Vinegar and then I'm gonna show you guys
  • - My milk plan how I've been eating and
  • - Things like that if you guys really want
  • - To see that if you don't and I see that
  • - You guys don't Missy that I will not
  • - Post that video because recently I've
  • - Been posting a lot of videos that you
  • - Guys really just aren't you know
  • - Reacting well to like it's not like you
  • - Guys are reacting bad but it's not
  • - Getting the views you know and so I'm
  • - Just like taking that as okay this is
  • - Those type of videos that my audience
  • - Doesn't want to see right now so
  • - Whenever you guys gonna see please tell
  • - Me down below so I can know what to post
  • - For you guys what do you guys want to
  • - See next like what's next
  • - Let me know in the comments down below
  • - And don't forget to comment like and
  • - Subscribe it's free to get these updates
  • - Press a little Bell button and you'll be
  • - Noted
  • - When I post and don't forget stay
  • - Prosperous stay positive and stay poppin
  • - And I'll see you guys next time working
  • - At Photoshop we know that any will
  • - Come on I'll make it stop if you got
  • - Beauty beauty just raise them up cause
  • - Every inch of you is perfect from the
  • - Bottoms

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