Destroy Ignore Kill Repeat Fukushima Update 08 August 2012 Msmilkytheclown1

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These Fuckers in Japan are Literally OUT OF THEIR MINDS! Radiation sickness/poisoning has taken over. Reconstructing Fukushima evacuation zones
The Japanese government has drawn up a roadmap for reconstructing areas in 12 municipalities near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that were previously designated as evacuation zones.

According to the plan, in areas of these municipalities where the evacuation order has been lifted, the government will finish decontaminating and restoring water supplies, sewage systems, and other lifeline infrastructure within the next 2 years. It says the decontamination and decommission of the crippled nuclear reactors should create jobs in these municipalities during this period.

The roadmap says the government will take social responsibility for having promoted nuclear energy as a state policy, and it will ensure the execution of the measures until the very end.

The roadmap pledges that the government will restore railways, buses, highways, and other transportation systems, and refurbish industries within the next 5 years, so evacuees can lead stable lives after they return home.

The roadmap says new industries, including those related to renewable energies and medical equipment, will be launched within 10 years as a way to secure jobs, and attract younger generations to settle in the areas.

The government plans to cooperate with the municipalities concerned to make more concrete plans based on the roadmap.

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